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2nd Season of Referral Games. Who’s the Winner?

The 2nd season of p2pb2b Referral Games is over! Are you ready to see the names of the lucky winners? Who has become the owner of $10000 in XRC tokens? Let’s find out!

First 5 places:

Top-20 with the most points:


6. fa***@***.com

7. ju***@***.com

8. ra***@***.com

9. ma***@***.com

10. cr***@***.com

11. h.e***@***.com

12. ka***@***.com

13. An***@***.com

13. dr***@***.com

14. tj***@***.com

15. de***@***.com

16. ab***@***.com

17. rh***@***.com

18. sa***@***.com

19. Fa***@***.com

20. ai***@***.com

21. ma***@***.com

22. mf***@***.com

23. ch***@***.com

24. ek***@***.com

25. hb***@***.com

1248 participants were fighting for the main prize but only the best win! The tokens have been already allocated to the winners’ accounts and can now be traded on p2pb2b.

Thank you all for participating! We really appreciate your support and are looking forward to the next season of the Games.

Follow the news and don’t miss the chance to become the next winner of p2pb2b Referral Games!