Trade-off Airdrop: a new version of a well-known feature

August 28, 2020

Airdrop is a popular promo for crypto projects that are launched on different platforms and crypto exchanges daily. You may check our previous article for more details.

How may the Community win from participating in the airdrop?

On the one hand, the absence of buyers on the market is a common situation not only in the crypto industry. It happens when traders try to sell tokens/coins but there is no demand. Such situations quite often occur to newbie projects that have no marketing strategy.

On the other hand, it may happen that there are no sellers on the market. Such confusion may occur if the project’s Community holds its token and the project itself does not distribute tokens through events and promotions. 

In this case, no one sells tokens and there is no chance to become a part of the Community. If this is not a part of the project’s strategy, some difficulties may happen with the project’s development as there will be no growth of token circulation in the market and token capitalization.

trade airdrop

Here is a clear conclusion that airdrop is a necessary tool and a thoughtful approach to its launch is a must.   

Token’s drop has its pros and cons. Our team has been seeking for a solution on how to decrease the negative impact of the token drop and has developed a trade-off airdrop. Check the details below.

airdropWhen users get a bounty without an effort there is less appreciation of it. It’s a clear thing. The trade-off airdrop implies users to trade before they get drop tokens. This means that the user should buy a certain amount of tokens first and then receive a decent amount of tokens as a bonus of loyalty to the project.

Sounds cool, right? Projects get new engaged token holders, users have a chance to get tokens with the enticing price considering the bonus part. 

This works well for both parties - participants and projects, so Community building starts with engaged and interested users.

Coin listing on crypto exchange in 3 days

Follow the P2PB2B announcements page and become one of the first users who participate in the new trade-off airdrop.