ARMR trading competition results

November 05, 2019

Dear traders, we are glad to announce the results of the ARMR trading competition. The five people who bought the most ARMR coins on P2PB2B during the first week of August have won free ARMR coins.

Congratulations to the winners! A total of 70,000 ARMR will be awarded to the following users:

♦️ 5th place – 10% extra bonus: 2.450 ARMR – wallet: A...SVtFMC1ZWZ

♦️ 4th place – 15% extra bonus: 3.829 ARMR – wallet: A...f86xDicieX

♦️ 3rd place – 20% extra bonus: 6.710 ARMR – wallet: A....AbmbPcUrey

♦️ 2nd place – 25% extra bonus: 15.935 ARMR – wallet: A...W8QZmFGTox

♦️ 1st place – 30% extra bonus: 42,600 ARMR – wallet: A...TUmdpTN4CB

✅Check if your wallet is on the list. The winners will receive their prizes automatically during the next few days. The coins will be sent directly to the provided wallet address.

Thanks for your participation. Applause to the winners👏!

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