Bitcoin Forks Battle Intermediate Results: Qualification Stage

October 03, 2018

Dear p2pb2b users! Bitcoin Forks Battle breaks all the records. Thank you for your active participation!

30 Bitcoin forks in total have participated in the Battle. Only 8 of them made it to the Play-off stage and will continue fighting for the right to get a free listing on p2pb2b! The results of the Qualification stage are the following:


Currency Votes
SegWit2x (B2X) 33
Bitcore (BTX) 28
Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) 23
Lightning Bitcoin (LBTC) 23
Bitcoin Interest (BCI) 15
Bitcoin Atom (BCA) 14
Bitcoin Green (BITG) 14
Bitcoin Token (BTK) 13


TOP-8 coins have already been randomly divided into paris and will participate in a set of matches: 6 in total, 24 hours each. 2 most voted coins will pass to the Final. The Play-off fixture list:


Play off Round 1
Currency Start End
SegWit2x (B2X) 10/02/2018, 2 p.m 10/03/2018, 2 p.m
Bitcoin Atom (BCA)
Play off Round 2
Currency Start End
Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) 10/03/2018, 2 p.m 10/04/2018, 2 p.m
Bitcoin Interest (BCI)
Play off Round 3
Currency Start End
Bitcoin Green (BITG) 10/04/2018, 2 p.m 10/05/2018, 2 p.m
Bitcoin TOken (BTK)
Play off Round 4
Currency Start End
Bitcore (BTX) 10/05/2018, 2 p.m 10/06/2018, 2 p.m
Lightning Bitcoin (LBTC)


You still can change the course of the events. Visit Bitcoin Forks Battle page and give your vote for the best coin! Good luck to all the participants!


Stay tuned and follow the news! Be the first to know which fork is considered to be the best.