Bitcoin Gold Listed on p2pb2b Exchange

October 09, 2018

The list of coins available on p2pb2b exchange is getting bigger. This time we are glad to announce that one of Bitcoin forks - Bitcoin Gold - has been added to the platform and is available for trading.

Bitcoin Gold is one of the forks created by Jack Liao - the owner of Lightning ASIC company based in Hong-Kong. The main goal of the currency is to try to solve the problem of centralization by changing the Proof-of-Work algorithm. The coin is already traded on 40 cryptocurrency exchanges and takes the 24th place in the CoinMarketCap rating list.

The coin is based on Equihash algorithm which is ASIC-resistant and optimized for GPU mining. As a result, the network provides holders with a decentralized and transparent digital currency. In order to protect users and their coins from hacker attacks and malware, Bitcoin Gold has implemented full replay protection and unique wallet addresses.

Stay tuned with p2pb2b and get trading!