Bull Run has been listed on P2PB2B

June 14, 2021

BR is available for trading on our exchange.

🔸Trading pairs: BR/BTC, BR/USDT

Bull Run is a Unique Concept Project, which aims to create the biggest Bull Run ever on the Earth. Through grassroots and include the general public which is currently not involved in the cryptocurrency market, we can educate them globally to prevent Pump and Dump by big players and will shift power to the general public they will decide the future of cryptocurrency.

Learn more about the project:
🔸Website: br.finance  
🔸Telegram Official: t.me/BullRunOfficial 
🔸Telegram Chat: t.me/BullRunChat 
🔸Twitter: twitter.com/BullRunn_F 
🔸Medium: bullrun.medium.com 
🔸GitHub: github.com/BullRunn 
🔸Discord: discord.gg/2fTMWS87ms