Elevato token comes to p2pb2b

August 07, 2019

Dear traders, ELE is listed on our platform.

Elevato token is a decentralized digital currency operating on the stable Ethereum network blockchain. It is an internal currency of the BTC League as well as a micro-payment system for the club members. Using mobile app users can easily transfer BTC, ETH or Elevato. You need to scan the QR code and send funds from phone to phone instantly and with zero transaction fee (mobile app status: 80% of the development done).

BTC League is an online club of Bitcoin and Blockchain enthusiasts and its main goal is to accelerate cryptocurrency adoption as well as share information and education with its members daily. With over 2,900 members from 39 countries, he is expanding his reach every day, becoming a strong player in the field of Bitcoin and Blockchain technology transformation.

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