Garuda Token Comes to p2pb2b

February 18, 2019

There are more companies willing to widen the use of a cryptocurrency in the global marketplace. Garuda has introduced own token for making online purchases worldwide. The currency is now available for purchase on p2pb2b exchange.

Garuda is an international online platform where users can buy and sell goods and services around the world. The network unites sellers and customers and makes it easier for them to reach each other within one system. GAD tokens allow products and service providers to reach the international audience and ensures safe and fair deals between buyers and sellers.

Together with p2pb2b Garuda is holding a giveaway. Purchase GAD tokens in the equivalent of at least 0,01 BTC and take a chance to win the prize of 2,000,000 GAD. The prize will be divided between 5 winners. The trader who buys the most GAD wins. Only those who buy at can get a prize. The trading competition will last for 1 month:

1st place: 750,000 GAD
2nd place: 500,000 GAD
3rd place: 350,000 GAD
4th place: 250,000 GAD
5th place: 150,000 GAD

Stay tuned with p2pb2b and follow the news!