GNY is now traded on p2pb2b

April 01, 2019

Dear users, you can now trade GNY token on the platform.

GNY introduces machine learning to pre-existing blockchains. The platform offers smart APIs that bridge to Ethereum, Asch, Lisk and any developer working with this universal system.

With GNY Centre, GNY provides its own dedicated blockchain that can host sidechains. The ecosystem also provides users with a powerful set of tools to launch and host their own project from conception to implementation in the developer friendly environment built around artificial intelligence.

The ecosystem is powered by the GNY utility token, initially launching as an ERC20 token on the Ethereum network.

However, GNY will bring to its network in March.  A new codebase DPOS network will allow developers to launch sidechains on the GNY network using Typescript. This codebase has its own technology and is entirely new to the crypto world.

In addition, GNY brings the capability of cross chain transactions to the ecosystem and uses the proof-of-concept algorithm.