MoCo IEO starts today

October 07, 2019

Dear traders, the second IEO session of MoCo project starts today, on October 7.

VR Motion Communications (MoCo) is the world’s first anonymous 3D Avatar Chat, 4K/8K Live and Streaming Chat and other streaming services, and finally Immersive 3DVR Live Video Chat.

The purpose for the creation of the MoCo Token:

  • to give people who have no bank accounts a chance to participate in our platform services and economy. Also, to take some of what they earn via the platform to those other economies;
  • to offer a way to help users mitigate their asset losses when taking part in financially risky ventures;
  • to enable the creation of new economic zones;
  • to prevent unnecessary economic slumps or crashes in MoCo economic system.

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