New Trading Opportunity – QUiNT COIN is Listed on p2pb2b

September 21, 2018

p2pb2b exchange is willing to give its users as many opportunities for trading as possible. QUiNT COIN has been recently listed on our platform and is available for purchase.

QUiNT COIN is a cryptocurrency introduced by QUINTILLION Burgh - a 90 years leasehold private residential estate in Ratchaburi, 160 km West of Bangkok. The project is working on a construction of a 1200 acres territory with an infrastructure needed for a comfortable living. Moreover, QUINTILLION Burgh will create jobs and distribute income to people in the country, which greatly increases their financial standing and the GDP of Thailand. The real estate platform introduced by QUINTILLION is based on the blockchain and uses QUiNT COIN as the main means of payment and investment.

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