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Referral Games – 3 Weeks Left!

p2pb2b Referral Games is already in full swing! 1 week has passed but you still have the time to participate and win $10000 in Bitcoin Rhodium coins.

The rules are simple:

  1. Register at p2pb2b website;
  2. Get a referral link;
  3. Invite friends to register at p2pb2b with the link.

Traders get point for each action performed on p2pb2b. The more points you have, the more chances you have to win!

The points in Referral Games are allocated for fulfilling the following actions:

  • 1 point for making 1 transaction in any cryptocurrency per day;
  • 2 points for making 1 transaction in Bitcoin Rhodium per day;
  • 5 points as soon as your referral registers;
  • 10 points as soon as your referral makes a deposit in Bitcoin Rhodium;
  • 10 points for passing the KYC procedure.

Bonus! Participate and receive 15% of each trading commission paid by the referral for transactions made in Bitcoin Rhodium (minimum deposit = 10$).

Follow to the official page of Referral Games and participate! You have time until February 28th.

Take part in The Games