SPURTPLUS has been listed on P2PB2B

December 29, 2020

SPUP is available for trading on our exchange.

🔸Trading pairs: SPUP/BTC, SPUP/ETH, SPUP/USD

There are two primary uses of a token in the Spurt+ Ecosystem: Cryprtocommerce and Social Project Funding. Cryptocommerce is the use of the token by community members as an accepted form of payment on websites and applications. Social Project Funding is the utilization of Spurt+ and its liquidity and community to support the development of various social infrastructure projects around the globe such as the building of public facilities.

Learn more about the project:

🔸Website: https://spurtplus.io/ 

🔸Twitter: https://twitter.com/PlusSpu 

🔸Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/spurt-plus/