Stacktical Trading Competition on p2pb2b

August 05, 2019

Dear traders, DSLA wants to run  a trading competition on p2pb2b.

Stacktical enables service providers to transparently document their Service Level Agreements or SLAs on the blockchain.

DSLA had the first listing on our platform. And now to celebrate it Stacktical is proud to organize a DSLA trading competition rewarding the 50 traders with the highest DSLA/ETH trading volume on p2pb2b.

You can get a prize: 

  • 1st Place in Trading Volume – 1 000 000 DSLA;
  • 2nd Place – 500 000 DSLA tokens;
  • 3rd Place – 200 000 DSLA tokens;
  • 4th to 10th Place – 100 000 DSLA tokens;
  • 11th to 50th Place – 40 000 DSLA tokens.

Also, Stacktical gives a random prize 1 000 000 DSLA tokens to the lucky user at the end of the competition.

Easy step to win:

  1. register on;
  2. trade DSLA / ETH via link;
  3. get your bonus;

All participants must meet the following requirements to be eligible for a prize :

  • participant must hold at least 50K DSLA from beginning to end of the competition;
  • participant’s total DSLA BUY volume must exceed 50K DSLA;
  • participant must be verified on the p2pb2b;
  • wash trading is strictly forbidden.

Don't miss your opportunity. The Trading Competition finishes on September 30.