Telos is listed on p2pb2b

August 30, 2019

Dear traders, you can now purchase and trade TLOS, the network resource token for the Telos blockchain. 

Telos, the most advanced blockchain on the market, makes its debut on p2pb2b with TLOS, a network resource token that rewards its early holders. The Telos blockchain automatically distributes TLOS to early holders that stake their TLOS on the chain. This means that holding TLOS is like owning real estate on the Telos blockchain; a valuable, scarce resource in the Telos ecosystem. 

Users that hold TLOS also gain access to a network that has built-in governance, dispute resolution, voting tools, and an easy access network development fund. Projects deploying on the Telos Blockchain include Drako’s Keep, SEEDS, and Unbiased; a full list of applications can be seen here. 

The chain is is fully functional and has a current marketing cap of 30 million USD and counting. Start trading now and join the smart contract revolution!