The 1irstgold token is now on p2pb2b

August 08, 2019

Dear traders, you can start trading with GOLD token and other cryptos on our platform. The GOLD token is based on the Ethereum Blockchain technology. 

GOLD is the first token that can be exchanged for real gold at any time. Each GOLD token represents the value of one gram of fine gold. The owner of GOLD Token can always convert it into almost all cryptos, as well as FIAT like the Euro or the US Dollar.

You can always exchange your 100 GOLD tokens for real gold. If you own less than 100 GOLD, you can exchange it to FIAT and cryptocurrencies at any time. (проверить правильно ли понято переводчиком по смыслу!)

Stay tuned! Every day we adding interesting cryptocurrencies