The 1st session Uncloak IEO has finished

June 07, 2019

Dear traders, the 1st session Uncloak IEO on p2pb2b is over on June 7. Start selling tokens was on June 4. UNC tokens are used to purchase and subscribe to the Uncloak platform along with a debit system for subscription services.

Uncloak is an analytical intelligence based artificial intelligence (AI) tool for intuitive, automated, and seamless security checks. It is a blockchain technology that allows companies to control, protect themselves and eliminate cyber threats, staying one step further from hackers.

Uncloak aims to make this level of cybersecurity available on a massive scale, at a lower price and with simple interaction with the end user. Uncloak will create its own threat detection database using advanced AI technology to scan the public and private Internet that is looking for the latest cybersecurity threats.

Do not miss your opportunity to buy UNC tokens! The 2nd session starts on June 11.

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