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The new IEO of CRYPTOADS project starts soon

Dear traders, we are launching a new IEO on May, 1st. So, meet our next project CRYPTOADS MARKETPLACE.

CRYPTOADS MARKETPLACE is a platform for exchanging/selling advertisements between publishers/application developers using blockchain. It’s very easy to use. Advertisers pay to CryptoAds Marketplace, CryptoAds Marketplace pays to app publishers/developers.

You can register on the platform, choose tasks and earn money by watching videos, installing applications, taking surveys and much more. Get your tokens and use them to exchange for other services on the CryptoAds Marketplace or you can withdraw tokens to your wallet.

Our special offer is a limited number of tokens with 80% discount in the first session of IEO. Follow our news not to miss your chance to purchase tokens at a discount.

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